Veterans & 军事的学生

Did you know that you can use your 退伍军人教育福利 to get your education for free? Veterans and eligible dependents of veterans can apply for educational benefits 退伍军人管理局(VA). 今天就开始吧!



VA Students

If you are a veteran or current service member, follow these steps to use your 退伍军人教育福利.

New VA Student

  • 申请GI法案® and receive a Certificate of Eligibility from the VA in 4–6 weeks.
  • The VA requires all schools to have a copy of military transcripts on file. For Army, 海军、海军陆战队和海岸警卫队的老兵, 要求一份你的联合服务成绩单的正式副本 被送到纳什维尔州立大学. 创建一个账户来申请你的成绩单. For 空军退伍军人可以要求官方成绩单 空军社区学院 (CCAF).
  • 隐私法要求你 register for classes before 你把所有的文件都交上去. 
  • Complete the 申请证明表格. 此表格必须每学期提交一次.
  • Turn in the Certificate of Eligibility once it is received from VA. 


注册课程,然后完成 申请证明. 此表格必须每学期提交一次 to the VA Coordinator.


Register for your courses first, then turn in the required paperwork: 

  • Complete an application for Request for Change of Program or Place of Training. 
  • Submit a copy of DD-214 (member copy #4), or if you are drilling with the Reserve or Guard, submit a copy of Notice of Basic Eligibility (Form: DD-2384) from Reserve 或警卫单位主任. 
  • Complete the 申请证明表格. This form must be submitted to the VA Coordinator each semester.


If you are a dependent,按照以下步骤使用你的退伍军人教育福利.

First-Time 受供养教育资助转学生(ch35)


Note: In order to receive VA educational benefits, all courses taken must count towards the graduation requirements in your VA-approved program (Degree or Certificate Major). Repeated (previously passed) courses from either transfer credit or courses that are 纳什维尔州立大学的学生没有资格享受退伍军人福利. 此外,任何课程 that are taken that do not count towards graduation credit in your program are excessive 没有资格享受退伍军人管理局的福利. 大多数情况下,是补救性的或发展性的 课程是VA认可的.



Review the various types of 退伍军人教育福利 to determine which best applies to you.

Chapter 33 provides financial support for education and housing to individuals with at least 90 days of aggregate service on or after September 11, 2001, or individuals discharged with 服务连接的残疾 30 days. You must have received an honorable discharge to be eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill®. 

Chapter 30 provides educational benefits for individuals entering the military service after June 30, 1985. Reservists and National Guard members should refer to Chapter 1607 (REAP). 任何以前的“老”G的接受者.I. 票据收益应按章报告 30. 

你必须向退伍军人管理局证实你的出席情况 every month to receive your monthly education benefit by phone if no changes by calling 877-823-2378 (877-VA-E-CERT)或在 GI Bill®网站 在每月的第一天或之后.

Chapter 31 is for individuals who have a compensable service-connected disability that requires training and rehabilitation services to overcome an employment handicap.

Chapter 35 is for dependents (spouse or children) of individuals who die or are permanently 并且因为服务相关的原因而完全残疾.

Chapter 1607 是蒙哥马利G.I. 选中的成员可以使用选中的储备 预备役,包括国民警卫队.  

你必须向退伍军人管理局证实你的出席情况 every month to receive your monthly education benefit by phone if no changes by calling 877-823-2378 (877-VA-E-CERT)或在 GI Bill®网站 在每月的第一天或之后.




Get your military education credits transferred for credit to Nashville State.

The VA requires all schools to have a copy of military transcripts on file.  

If you’re an Army, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard veteran, request an official copy from the 联合服务成绩单. 创建一个账户来申请你的成绩单.

If you’re an Air Force veteran, request an official transcript from the 空军社区学院(CCAF). 

 Send your transcripts directly to the Nashville State Records Office for evaluation 以及授予转学学分.


The Records Office will evaluate all applicable matriculation documents for transfer credit. If military experience, education, and/or training are equivalent to a course that fulfills a general education or degree program requirement, the course credit 会计入毕业. 否则,将计算相应的课程学分 作为选修学分. 授予的学分将缩短 相应的课程长度. No more than 50% of the credit hours required to obtain an associate degree or certificate 可以通过兵役学校获得吗. 

 Previously earned credit, whether earned from another institution or military training, 必须向退伍军人事务部报告吗. 一旦报告,优先信用 is not required again unless new transfer credit is earned, or your degree program changes. 

If credit is not awarded through the Records Office recommendations, you can choose to 申请先前学习评估(PLA). 档案办公室会通知 the veteran student after their transcript is reviewed.


Inquire about the status of a pending claim through the Regional Office Claim Inquiry 电话888-442-4551.

Consult the 退伍军人事务部 福利工资表网站.


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